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2 min readAug 11, 2021

Introducing the Adamant Furnace!

The Furnace allows users to smelt their ADDY to earn an Adamant partner’s asset.

Smelted ADDY is sent to the locked ADDY staking contract and then distributed to those that are in the new locked contract. In return, users who smelt their ADDY earn a ROI percentage in the form of the partners asset.

Our first official partner is Gravity Finance. The Gravity team has provided 4 million GFI so ADDY smelters can be rewarded GFI over the next 30 days.

How To Use The Furnace

Go to the ‘Furnace’ page

Find the Gravity dashboard

Here you will find the return on investment percentage (ROI), what exactly you will earn (GFI), how much you have smelted (User Smelted), and the Total ADDY Smelted.

Upon opening the dashboard, the options to ‘GET ADDY’ from QuickSwap and ‘SMELT ADDY’ will appear. Also, note the amount of time remaining until the rewards end is displayed.

Click ‘SMELT ADDY’, ‘APPROVE TOKENS’ and confirm in MetaMask. After the confirmation transaction, you can now ‘STAKE ALL TOKEN’ or manually enter amount and stake that amount.

By entering these pools, you understand and agree that 100% of your deposited ADDY will be smelted into the reward tokens over the remaining duration of the pool. Smelted ADDY is distributed to users in the locked ADDY staking contract. Be mindful that a “breakeven” ROI is 0%. Deposits will now be blocked if ROI is < 0%.

Gravity Partnership

We are extremely excited about our partnership with Gravity Finance and we are starting it off by boosting both the GFI/WETH and GFI/USDC Vaults!

We will follow up soon with more details of our strategic partnership.




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