Adamant Maximizer Vaults

The Adamant team is pleased to announce the release of Maximizer vaults to the Cronos ecosystem. The first Maximizer vaults on Cronos, WBTC/WCRO, WETH/WCRO, WCRO/USDC, and USDC/USDT are now live!

Maximizer vaults take the VVS harvested from the LP pool and deposit it in the VVS single-staking pool. This allows stakers to get a much higher APY than normal auto-compounding vaults while their staked capital avoids exposure to the harvested token.
In addition, Maximizer vaults have significantly less sell pressure than normal auto-compounding vaults.

Four Maximizer vaults are currently live:

The APY for the WBTC/WCRO Maximizer vault on Adamant is 368.72% (with no boost) — 479.61% (with max boost) in comparison to the APY for the normal auto-compounding vault on Adamant, 157.74% (with no boost) — 222.99% (with max boost), which was already the highest APY for that pair offered by any yield optimizer.

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