Adamant Team is Growing & Hiring!

As the Adamant platform continues to grow, so does the team. We are excited to announce our two newest team members, revolutionary_spaces and adamb!

Revolutionary_spaces has been an active member of the Adamant community for a long time and it didn’t go unnoticed. Rev will focus on Community Management and Moderation.

A little background on myself, I recently started learning about DeFi and have been active mostly on Polygon. I have worked in customer support for over a decade and am now a product manager at a software company. I’m looking forward to seeing Adamant grow and really appreciate the tokenomics we have in place. -Revolutionary_spaces

In the short time he has been onboard he has already created a strong presence amongst the community.

Adamb joins us with the plans to help take charge of the Adamant frontend development. He will focus on the technical aspects of the redesign, as we hire a UI designer (see below).

I’ve helped with some development on the community side of a large DeFi project. I did a big startup outside of the crypto world and a few personal projects..Excited to be here! -adamb

Please give these guys a warm welcome!


We’re looking for a UI/UX Designer to help with the user interface of the site. Please feel free to reach out to me or other staff if you think you fit the bill. Not your skillset? Please pass along to others that are qualified!

— -

About Us:

Adamant Finance is a yield optimizer vault that provides users with an easy and safe way to automatically compound their tokens on the Matic/Polygon network and maximize their yields.

Adamant currently has over 200m TVL stored in its vaults for Quickswap, Sushiswap, and other leading platforms on the Matic/Polygon network.

The Position:

Adamant is looking for a web UI designer with some experience designing dapps on Ethereum-based platforms to revamp the website.


* Designing visually-appealing, easy-to-use components
* Collaborating with other members of the development team
* Demonstrate solid organization and communication skills

Required Skills:

* Experience designing web UI for interactive dapps

Preferred Skills

* Experience with User Experience Design (UX), including user testing, rapid prototyping, flow diagrams
* Ability to implement your own designs in HTML/CSS, including mobile-friendly responsive stylesheets
* Branding experience

Please DM any Adamant staff member with the following:

  • CV/Resume
    * Link to Portfolio Site or Examples










The #1 Autocompounder and Yield Optimizer for Polygon and Arbitrum

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Adamant Finance

Adamant Finance

The #1 Autocompounder and Yield Optimizer for Polygon and Arbitrum

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