Announcing Adamant Finance x Wault Finance Partnership

We are excited to announce a partnership between Wault and Adamant!

Wault Finance is a decentralized finance hub that connects all of the primary DeFi use-cases within one simple ecosystem. Wault has a well-established reputation on Binance Smart Chain and has recently expanded to Polygon where it is off to a great start.

Adamant has already hosted many of Wault’s Vaults in the past past few weeks, so after some discussion we discovered many synergies and we decided to partner!


Wault’s WPOOL program will provide a pool for Adamant on WSwap that will receive significant bonus WEXpoly rewards, creating a high APY farming pool to attract liquidity for the new pair.

Wault will be launching the first of its kind $ADDY /$MATIC incentivized pool that will begin ASAP!

Also, Adamant provided Wault with $100k USD-value in ADDY that will be used to distribute to WEXpoly stakers. This WPool will last over a period of 2 months, in which case users stake WEXpoly to farm ADDY. This will give users another opportunity to earn ADDY and stake or lock it!

Wault will also make announcements and promote the partnership through their socials to their userbase.

Wault’s Twitter: 35k+ followers
Wault’s Telegram: 30k+ members
Wault’s Discord: 8k+ members
Wault’s Medium: 2k+ followers

We are very excited about moving forward with Wault and encourage you to follow Adamant’s and Wault’s socials below for more information:











Telegram ANN:





The #1 Autocompounder and Yield Optimizer for Polygon and Arbitrum

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Adamant Finance

Adamant Finance

The #1 Autocompounder and Yield Optimizer for Polygon and Arbitrum

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