Arbitrum Airdrop for ADDY Lockers

We are pleased to announce that the Adamant platform will soon be expanding to Arbitrum, one of the top L2 networks!

Users who are locked in the Basic Lock or Lock Plus contracts on Polygon will be airdropped Arbitrum ADDY. Get locked today!

The airdrop will be very simple: each user will receive 1 Arbitrum ADDY for each boost point they have on the Polygon network.

The snapshot date for this airdrop is still to be determined and will allow time for users in our legacy lock to participate. To be eligible make sure to lock your ADDY in our Basic Lock or Lock Plus as soon as possible. More news on that snapshot is forthcoming.

To be very clear, the Polygon network will continue to be the main home of the Adamant platform. Polygon will remain as one of the top L2 scaling solutions because transactions on it are much cheaper than transactions on Arbitrum.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the snapshot, our Arbitrum launch and how the system will work, our airdrop, and more.

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The #1 Autocompounder and Yield Optimizer for Polygon and Arbitrum

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Adamant Finance

Adamant Finance

The #1 Autocompounder and Yield Optimizer for Polygon and Arbitrum

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