Bi-Weekly Update: ADDY / ETH Emissions, Arbitrum One Portal, PECO Index & more

ADDY-ETH Proposal Passed

Under the new emission plan, the ADDY/WETH pool will get a minimum of 150 ETH worth of ADDY rewards/week, regardless of platform revenue.

This plan is LIVE!

QuickSwap Furnance

The Furnace now completely burns ADDY. It is no longer redistributed to ADDY lockers.

PECO Index

Created collaboratively by Amun, Polygon Foundation, and leading Polygon projects, PECO is Polygon’s first ecosystem index token.

PECO’s initial composition is made up of 50% MATIC, with the remaining 50% comprising Quickswap, DFYN, Adamant Finance, Aavegotchi, and Qi Dao. This composition provides an alternative to only holding MATIC, instead of providing a token that grows with the entire Polygon ecosystem.

Read more HERE.

Arbitrum Portal

Adamant is lot easier to find as it is now listed on the Arbitrum One Portal. Arbitrum One Portal lists the top wallets, dApps, tools and bridges on Arbitrum Network.


New Vaults

Adamant Vaults is the #1 autocompounder and yield optimizer on the Polygon and Arbitrum networks by TVL. Our contracts on Polygon are Certik audited. Adamant users stake their deposits from other platforms and receive autocompounding plus additional rewards of our native token ADDY (Polygon) / ARBY (Arbitrum). 100% of Adamant’s fees are distributed to native token stakers and lockers.




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Adamant Finance

The #1 Autocompounder and Yield Optimizer for Polygon and Arbitrum