The Certik Audit has been completed and is available for all to VIEW.

Summary of the report

Addressing some of the findings

ERCFund | Privileged ownership of recover function

The Converter contract owns the ERCFund contract. It uses the recover function to transfer tokens to it, then performs various functions such as:

  • Breaking up LP tokens.
  • Converting tokens to WMATIC before sending it to the fee distribution contract.
  • Executing ADDY buybacks.

Minter | Centralized Risk
Minter | Privileged ownership of addyPerProfitEth

The reasoning for having those functions:

  • The developer will need to grant minting privileges to new vaults on a regular basis.
  • The developer will eventually need to change the price calculator contract in order to implement other suggested changes in the audit.
  • The developer will reduce the ADDY emission rate over time.

PriceCalculator | Price Oracle dependencies






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