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2 min readJan 18, 2022


Community, the Adamant Team wanted to give you a progress report on what is actively going on behind the scenes.

The UI team is currently working on adding wallet support to the new website, as well as the new vault page. This should remove a barrier of entry for users on Cronos who don’t use Metamask.

Another developer will be joining the UI team in order to accelerate UI development.

New Vault Type
Our main developer, Eep, is currently working on a new type of vault targeted at over $450m worth of users on Polygon that aren’t currently covered by any platform! Stay tuned for more info on these vaults!

Performance Fee Reduction
Due to current market conditions, vault performance fees are being reduced to 4% on Polygon. We are hopeful that the fee reduction will attract more users.

In February, we will resume ads on some of the top DeFi tracking sites. We have done this previously and it was successful in bringing new users over.

We are always talking to other projects to find synergy that can help bring value to Adamant. We are in deep discussion with a large project on Cronos and we hope to announce soon.

If you have any other ideas regarding strategic partnerships/marketing strategies please DM @CoachCryptos on either Telegram or Discord.

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