Governance Proposal: Blacklisting

There is a proposal to blacklist Alameda Research wallet:

Users must have locked ADDY to vote. The vote ends July 11, 2021 at 6:30am Central.

Alameda Research deposited a large sum of funds over multiple vaults on adamant Adamant. This wallet team is a little less than half of Adamant’s TVL.

A team of this stature recognizing the yields and security of Adamant is flattering and says a lot about our work thus far. The problem is that this wallet is earning a lot of ADDY and habitually dumping. This has caused panic in our community and even more dumping from our community.

Blacklisting their wallet would mean they would no longer be able to stake and yield in Adamant. They of course will have access to their funds and everything they’ve earned.

We recognize this will be a monumental vote that can come with both praise and criticism, but we do want those who’ve trusted in Adamant by locking their ADDY to have the ability to vote on this.

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