Governance Proposal: Boost Weight Reduction

A proposal to reduce the ADDY boost weight from 100% of the emission rate to 50% of the emission rate has been made.

This would mean that each BP would double the ADDY earnings for $200 worth of a user’s stake in a vault, instead of $400 worth of a user’s stake in a vault.

The boost for vaults is a multiplier of the emissions rate. Locking ADDY allows users to boost their vault rewards. This brings the emission rate of ADDY above the normal ratio (as of tomorrow 400 ADDY per every ETH of profit). It’s believed that the boost rate currently is higher than market conditions will support and could lead to diminishing the value of ADDY. Reducing this to 50% of the emissions rate should drive higher lock rates and thus a more sustainable price.

Vote on this proposal here:

It ends at 8/1/2021 21:20 Central









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