Partnership announcement: Adamant x Meshswap!

A new Polygon DEX is arriving later this month — Meshswap — from the development team behind the #1 DEX on the Klaytn network, Klayswap. In anticipation of their launch, a strategic collaboration is underway between Adamant and the Meshswap team which we expect to be exciting for our communities.

Meshswap will use a vote-lock “ve” tokenomic model, with voters directing the flow of farming rewards via their veMESH token. Adamant will create a token unique to our vault depositors — “adMESH” — which provides a liquid representation of their MESH stake (similar to the cvxCRV Convex model).

Adamant will provide adMESH in exchange (1:1) to MESH depositors on Adamant. Users will then deposit tokens to the MESH — adMESH pair pool on MESHswap, and autocompound the LP token back on

Using MESH received from users, Adamant will leverage voting rights to maximize farming rewards for our community.

Stay tuned for further announcements via our socials and please feel welcome to bring your questions/comments to our telegram or discord channels. Thank you ADDY Family! 💚


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