The ARBY airdrop can now be claimed!

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2 min readMar 31, 2022


The Adamant team is pleased to announce that the ARBY token airdrop for users with locked ADDY on November 8 may now be claimed from the legacy website at until April 30, 2023.

Users must be connected to the Arbitrum network when claiming the airdrop. A JSON file containing airdrop data for each eligible address can be found on the Adamant Github.

As stated in the original Arbitrum release announcement, there will be a long vesting period where the airdrop will be locked.

However, users can reduce the vesting period by up to 95% by using Adamant’s vaults on Arbitrum and Polygon.

That’s right! By merely continuing to use the yield optimizer with the lowest fee (2.9%, lower than both Beefy and Autofarm) and the most vaults on Polygon, users will be able to unlock and claim the airdrop sooner!

Lock Reduction Details:

  • Each month, a TVL snapshot will be taken of the normal vaults on the Arbitrum and Polygon chains.
  • The snapshot will be used to determine how much each user’s vesting lock time is reduced by.
  • Having more TVL in Adamant’s vaults will reduce the vesting lock time by a greater amount.
  • The vesting lock time can be reduced by up to 95%. This can be achieved by having a TVL in Adamant’s vaults of at least 100x the airdrop value. A 90% reduction can be achieved with a 10x TVL.
  • The Airdrop value is determined by the formula: airdrop amount * max(ARBY price, $2).

At the maximum vesting speed, the airdrop would be a bonus of roughly +12% APR on top of whatever users earn from using our vaults, which already have the lowest performance fee on Polygon.

Users will be able to claim each lock reduction from the snapshot table on the airdrop page.
The first TVL snapshot will be taken at the end of April.


April 23: Added a link to the airdrop JSON file.

April 26: Added more information about the vesting reduction.



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