Weekly Update: Airdrop, Basic Lock, and new Furnaces

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2 min readSep 9, 2021

Arbitrum Airdrop

The Adamant platform will soon be expanding to Arbitrum, one of the top L2 networks. We plan to reward users who are locked in the Basic Lock or Lock Plus contracts on Polygon by airdropping Arbitrum ADDY.

The airdrop will be very simple: each user will receive 1 Arbitrum ADDY for each boost point they have on the Polygon network.

More details will soon follow. Get locked today!

Read more HERE

Basic Lock & Lock Plus

We also introduced a new way to lock ADDY!

Basic Lock
The Basic Lock is reminiscent of the original lock contract at Adamant: basic lock users will have the ability to lock ADDY and earn performance fees (WMATIC) + early withdrawal penalty fees (ADDY). Both of these tokens will be available immediately for withdrawal.

Lock Plus
The Lock Plus allows users to lock ADDY and earn performance fees (WMATIC) + early withdraw penalty fees (ADDY) + buybacks (ADDY) + Furnace (ADDY). The WMATIC is available for withdrawing, but all ADDY is autocompounded back into Lock Plus.

See the full announcement HERE

Three New Furnaces — GPUL & GBNT (PolyPulsar) and DARK (Darkside)

Over the last week we added three more furnaces. GPUL, GBNT, and DARK.

PolyPulsar’s team has provided 355,000 ($20,000) GPUL tokens & 210,000 ($20,000) GBNT. Adamant has also added two new boosted vaults: GPUL / MATIC and GBNT / MATIC.

The Darkside team has provided 22,500 ($55,000) DARK tokens and Adamant added a 4 new boosted vault for their protocol: DARK / USDC, DARK / MATIC, CZDIAMOND / USDC, CZDIAMOND / MATIC.

New Vaults

Another very busy week with the addition of 18 new vaults!

Want to learn about some of the tokens in these new vaults? See the list below:

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