Weekly Update: Certik Audit, Locked Boosts, and Dinoswap

An update on the Certik Audit

Adamant’s severity was ranked as major
While Merlin’s was ranked as minor

Locked Boosts at Adamant

  • Autocompounding ADDY (no more having to claim and relock — the contract does that for you automatically)
  • A proportion of the ADDY from our buyback system(currently the 0.5% penalty for exiting a stake before 3 days has elapsed is used to buyback Addy from the market, and additional buybacks are in the works)
  • WMATIC rewards that increase as time goes on (since the system is autocompounding your ADDY automatically — more locked ADDY, more profit-sharing dividends)
  • Boosted vault rewards (more to come on that and all of the above as the system is finalized)





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