Weekly Update: Furnace Launch and New Partners

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2 min readAug 18, 2021

Adamant Furnace Launch — Gravity Finance

This week we saw the launch of Adamant’s Furnace. The Furnace allows users to smelt their ADDY to earn an Adamant partner’s asset. Smelted ADDY is distributed to ADDY lockers in our new boosted lock contract.

Our first partner as part of the launch is Gravity Finance. Gravity is a new DeFi protocol whose governance token is fully-backed by Bitcoin. The Gravity team has provided 4 million GFI so ADDY smelters can be rewarded GFI for smelting ADDY.

Learn more about the Furnace here.

Partnership with SX Network

The next partnership for the Furnace was also announced this week. We’re excited to partner with the SX Network to offer $30,000 worth of rewards to ADDY smelters starting on Monday, August 23, 2021.

The SX Network combines a smart contract platform, on-chain community treasure, and prediction market protocol, all built on the Polygon SDK. Check out SportX and Sx.Technology for more on the SX Network.

Learn more about the partnership between Adamant and SX Network here.

New Vaults

This week was a big one for new vaults at Adamant. We’ve deployed or updated the following vaults:

Locking up ADDY

We’ve introduced a number of new ways to use your ADDY lately, and want to make sure you have those at hand:


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